31 July 2015 by Johan van der Walt, CEO, Safari Link & Wildlife South Africa®

Safari Link & Wildlife South Africa® commemorates World Ranger Day.
Today is World Ranger Day and we at Safari Link and Wildlife South Africa® commend all Rangers worldwide, past and present, for their huge effort in their work to help protect and conserve the earth’s fauna and flora, natural resources, as well as cultural treasures.
To all Rangers in Southern Africa and especially those in South Africa where we are based, a large number of which we have had the privilege to work with (and those that we still share experiences with), thank you for your immense effort in your work. We thank you for the knowledge that you share with others, the determination that you show in protecting and conserving the fauna and flora in all the protected areas, parks and reserves of South Africa, for future generations. We also applaud those of you that face danger every day in combatting the scourge of poaching.   
May you all share the teamwork and special bond of a Lion pride, the tenacity and courage of a Honey Badger, the strength and memory of an Elephant, the cunningness and adaptability of a Leopard and the wisdom of an Owl.  
Please take a moment and spare a thought for all rangers that were injured and especially those that gave their lives in the line of duty.
Johan van der Walt
Safari Link & Wildlife South Africa®