by Johan van der Walt

I just had to post this photo - great memories - two friends - my friends - actually they were "askaris" of an old Bull with very large tusks, who was nearby. I was not far from them, about 15 meters or so and observed them for a long while. They were just standing there looking at me, every now and then emitting soft grumbles, seemingly in a way kind of bemused as I was really sweating on that hot day. Maybe they sensed that I was uncomfortably hot, while they were not.
The Elephants were cool and collected as they just had a long drink out of the reservoir at Boyela. They were still wet because they sucked up water with their trunks and squirted and splashed each other quite a few times. This old water trough in the photo did not have any water in. A new way of thinking was brought into the policy regulating waterholes and windmills and it was closed. Elephants can still get water out of some reservoirs as they are tall enough and their trunks are long enough to reach over the edge and into the reservoirs - and man, do they ever do it so stealthily.
By Johan van der Walt