Brown House Snake

by Rene Erasmus

Lamprophis capensis
Many people encounter all sorts of snakes throughout South Africa whether in the wild or in your house and garden. The most important thing is to never come too close to these reptiles before determining if they are venomous or harmless.

The snake in this picture was found in a swimming pool in the Mooikloof area, Pretoria. Before handling the snake I had to do some research on the internet to determine the type. I have a policy not to get rid of any animal or insect/reptile if I don’t need to…all creatures play a vital role in the ecosystem. 
Some interesting information found on this beautiful brown house snake:
The body of the snake is a slender brown colour with two distinctive pale streaks above the eyes. An adult brown house snake can reach an average size of up to 60 cm with a maximum length of 1.2m. Their name is appropriate in this species as they are often found close to human habitation, usually drawn to rodents that inevitably accompany humans. The brown house snake is often kept as pets because they are harmless, settles and breeds well in captivity. These snakes can lay between 6 – 12 eggs which hatch after approximately 3 months.

The Brown House Snake is found throughout Southern Africa with other African House Snakes now classified as separate species across the continent.